Below are some of the best corporate promotional ideas based on the industries we work with. If you don’t see your industry, Contact Us and we’ll share ideas tailored specifically for you.

The ideas below are only suggestions and we can always custom tailor a campaign unique to you.


Aboriginal Youth and Community Engagement – Comfort Kits

Case managers reach for blankets to comfort youth and add a layer of warm healing. It has fostered relationships and trust to talk on a deeper level. Combined with a healing pouch to show that values and beliefs are respected.


Brand Awareness and Family Interaction

A turkey marketing board wanted to keep families thinking about turkey and engage children at their school turkey-trots. Seed paper embedded with sage and parsley seeds was given inside a biodegradable pack to give families an activity. They’d plant the seeds and then use their home-grown herbs at their next turkey dinner


The Leave Behind –What Will They Remember You By?

Leave behind something tangible and permanent so that your brand will be seen, remembered, and thought of. These note cubes custom printed with your designs, occupy the most valuable real estate in an office… their desk. An eco-friendly promo item that is usable and make them think of you. That’s why this item is one of the best as a leave behind to be permanently remembered.


Best Ideas for Millennial Engagement and Student Recruitment

College kids have their own card games that often give players the opportunity to create rules. The problem is that these rules are often forgotten because of…well, fogginess in the head during these drinking games. Custom packs of playing cards were given out with writable-cards so rules could be written and remembered. The university’s brand was seen by all players and stoked conversation from prospective students to hear about the experience of current students.


Public Outreach and Safety

emergency-main police public outreach ideas awareness safety
A police department wanted something they could give to the public that would foster positive relationships in the community. An added outcome was to increase street safety by giving pedestrians a light to be easier to see. The campaign put smiles on faces and made officers relatable.


Continual Brand Awareness in the Home: Pizza Cutter

A bank realized that the most action in a home happens in the kitchen. It’s where the family gathers and discussions occur. They gave out pizza cutters that are easy to use and safe for kids. The pizza cutter got the bank extraordinary exposure in the home constantly reminding the family of the relationship they have with their bank. Or can be a subtle reminder to consider switching their banking to the advertising bank. The cutter stays in the home for years of brand awareness.


Engaging Families for Health Checks

Custom onesies and infant care packs were given to families to take home with their newborn. The kit contained items useful for caring for their child and opened the conversation to have a community health nurse follow-up for a home visit with the family a few days later. The campaign put mothers at ease and enhanced the number of home visits.


Professional Image: Custom Printed Name Badges

A festival wanted to match their brand to a custom shaped name badge. The badges created a personal connection between the patron and the staff member. The badges contributed to the professional look and experience patrons had.


Best Staff Appreciation Gift for Construction

A construction company wanted cool ideas to reward staff for a good year and say thank you to their customers for the business. Several different gifts were chosen to match the toughness workers demand and be useful in their lifestyle.


Welcoming New Lawyers: Passing the Bar

A law firm wanted a way to congratulate their lawyers who passed the bar exam. They chose a Ghirardelli chocolate box in the shape of a gold bar filled with delicious chocolate. The package was completed with a ribbon custom printed with the firm name and a handwritten card from the partners saying “congratulations on passing the bar”. The gifts recognized achievement and made the lawyers feel appreciated.


Eye-Catching Uniforms

The goal was to create a jacket uniquely made for a City’s Parks’ & Recreation department. Custom labelling was done on the inside collar so the jacket would be uniquely theirs. Lasering was done on the front showing a falling leaf pattern and their logo printed on the chest.


Recognition and Social Media Integration

Patt Quin was legendary in the hockey history of Vancouver and was key to the success of so many players. A lapel pin was developed as a way for mentees to show appreciation and thank their mentors. The campaign gathered social media attention when givers (mentees) and receivers (the mentor) posted a video of the exchange.


Increase Foot Traffic: Gift with Purchase

Gift with purchase incentives can help drive foot traffic and increase sales. People love free SWAG that’s cool and fits their lifestyle. The free gift will bring them into your store, keep your brand seen, and lead to repeat customers.


Branding That’s Useful in Their Lives

A hearing aid company wanted to give seniors promotional items that they would keep and use. They selected jar grippers, ear plugs for hearing loss prevention, gel pens that are easy to write with, and toothbrushes.


Trunk Organizer: Perfect Costco Shopper

This is by far the best self-promotion item we offer and constantly get requests for. It expands and carries goods from the store into your car and from your car right into your home. It folds flat for easy storage. It keeps your vehicle neat and tidy.


Gift Exchange: Custom Puzzle Lapel Pins

At the National Games Team BC wanted to offer a unique set of lapel pins that would become a collector’s item. They chose a three pin design that would fit together and become their puzzle pin set. Three uniquely designed whales were designed and carefully crafted so they fit together perfectly.


Low Tech Ways to Beat the Competition

In the year 2000 at the Consumer Electronics Show, Microsoft gave out these branded mugs which turned into a brilliant campaign where they won business away from Oracle. Larry Ellison, CEO of Oracle, happened to be giving the keynote that year and the mugs were handed out as people came into the auditorium to hear Ellison.


Creating Family Fun and Memorable Experiences

A fishing lodge had a family fishing derby and wanted to make it memorable. Custom Survivor buffs were created that had a motto of: outplay, outfun, outfish motto. A funky design was made and the buffs were so cool and loved by all.


Ideas to Reduce Electricity Use

An electrical utility wanted to change the behaviour of their customers and entice them to use less electricity. A Team Powersmart campaign was launched asking users to commit to a 10% reduction in use. Usage was monitored and if no reduction occurred, the consumer was mailed a package of clothes pins with a note sharing that this old fashioned method can help them meet their goals of electricity reduction.


Creating Experiences with a Brand

Coasters are synonymous with ordering a drink, but a company wanted to punch up their brand’s presence at the table. They created an interactive experience with their brand by using scratch and sniff coasters at their event. Several scents were used to get their patrons senses ready for sampling. The coasters were a hit and unlike your usual coasters, these ones were taken home after the event.


Creating a Highly Visible Brand: Wall Calendars

A belting company for the mining industry gives out a large wall calendar each year. The calendar is hung in the offices of their clients and everyone in that office looks to the calendar several times a day. The calendars are used year after year to keep the belting company top of mind.